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Please enter your case history here in details: Dr kondekar will get back to you after reading your case history. Will ask further details and will advice medicines or will decide if a video consultation is required.

Remember, medicine and clinic is not like a grocery shop. There can be grave and serious health issues that may present with minor elements. Its very likely even in direct consultation that some serious issues may be missed. So in Online medical help, advice being limited to only limited information provided and doctor not being in a position to perform medical examination, many lacunae are likely. So be wise , use online medical help for only minor or short term elements and for only information purpose. unless a valid consultation is done, prescription cannot be generated and hence taking medicines is not advised unles the case is individually seen by a doctor.

Many people may interpret same symptoms in different ways and in different severity and felt by themselves or seen by themselves in past. Please donot manipulate symptoms. Donot hide any information and donot try to manage every thing at home as it may be risky. Read Disclaimer at Also read danger signs and amergency symptoms at same website. never ask in online platforms – should i go and visit a Dr? — a Dr will never say to not visit a Dr as anything may be hidden which you may not be aware off. When u feel like visiting a Dr, Go ahead, dont have a second thought.

Please fill a form below addressing your concerns, will help you understand the case. This form is only for parents to sue for children below age 20 years .

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